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Before we delve into our main concern, let us first start by getting a deeper understanding of knitting yarns. A yarn is basically a continuous strand of thread made from synthetic fibres and twisted. Some of these synthetic materials may be wool, nylon, or even plastic. In most cases, the yarns are basically for knitting purposes. 

Wondering where to buy knitting yarn in Nairobi? Well, here are some places where you can get knitting yarns:

  • Sewknity Machine Suppliers
  • St. Pauline Glory Knitting.
  • Osona Yarns
  • Cushions and Crafts
  • Kangema Knitting Wool Shop.

These are among the best places to buy knitting yarn in Nairobi. You can also get the best quality yarns in yarn shops in Nairobi CBD. 

Some other common yarn shops in Kenya include House of Yarn Kenya and Seagull Yarn Kenya. They ensure that whatever product they give you is of very high quality. 

Yarn Price in Kenya

You may want to have an idea of the price of yarn in Kenya. The prices will vary depending on a lot of factors. Some of which include the type of yarn, the size, or even the material of the yarn. You can, however, get the yarns at very affordable prices, beginning at Ksh. 200. 

Robin Knitting Yarn

Robin knitting yarn is one of the best known yarn producing companies in Kenya. This company produces quality products that are always durable and never disappoint. If you need to save some money, then try to visit Robin Yarn Wholesale in Kenya. Here, you will get the yarn at a good price, one that is even lower than the actual market price. 


Let me believe that this review was helpful to you and of great importance. In addition, I believe that all the answers to your questions were appropriately provided and were satisfactory to you. You can go on and buy knitting yarn since you now know where to get it. 

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