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Before we delve into what our main concern may be, let us begin by understanding what lavender is. Lavender is some sort of herb whose origin is said to be from Europe across Northern and Eastern Africa. Apart from being a herb, it is well known for producing essential oils. The oil has inflammatory properties that help in healing minor burns.

Today we are mostly going to talk about lavender seeds. The seeds are very essential since they may help improve sleep and reduce blood pressure, among other disorders. 

Let us now move on to what may be our main concern. That is the question of where to buy lavender seeds in Kenya.

The following are some of the best places to buy lavender seeds in Kenya:

  1. Simlaw Seeds.
  2. Herbivore Garden Centre.
  3. Kenya Seed Co. Ltd.-Wilchemsons
  4. Jumia.
  5. Desertcart.

These are the places to buy lavender seeds in Kenya. 

Dried lavender from Kenya is preferred. It has got very many advantages. For instance, when placed in the house, it will give off a good scent and freshen every room. It is also dried for preservation purposes. 

Lavender Farming in Kenya

Lavender farming in Kenya is one of the booming businesses. There are areas where the climate suits and supports the growth of lavender. For instance, lavender farm Nanyuki works very well. The farm is well-tended and the profits realised are high. If you have ever thought of starting that kind of farming, then venture in without hesitation. 

The lavender market in Kenya is available. These markets deal in a variety of lavender products. Those doing the business of lavender in Kenya earn a lot of income from it. This means that it is such a lucrative business to venture into. 


I believe that everything is clear about where to buy lavender seeds. I also believe that this article has provided you with general knowledge concerning lavender seeds in Kenya. Hopefully, all the answers to your questions were also provided appropriately.

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