Where to Buy Seedlings in Kenya Easily Right Now

A seedling is a young tree that has been grown in a tree nursery from a seed. They are later transplanted to an area where a forest will grow. Directly planting a tree from a seed can sometimes be difficult at times. As a result, planting a seedling is advised.

There are seedlings of various plants of various varieties. It is all up to you to choose the one you want.

You may, however, be concerned on where to buy some of these seedlings in Kenya. If that is the case, then you are in the right place.

Places to Buy Seedlings in Kenya

Are you looking to buy some seedlings in Kenya? Well, here is a list of some places where you can get good seedlings:

  1. Eldoret Flowerland Tree Nursery.
  2. Simlaw Seeds.
  3. Lavington Herbs.
  4. Plants Galore Garden Centre.
  5. Kenya Strawberries and Seedlings.

Seedlings in Nairobi can be bought at Lavington Herbs, Simlaw Seeds, and Herbs in a Pot, to name just a few.

Different Types of Seedlings and where to Buy Them

There are different types of seedlings available in Kenya. Below are some of the seedlings and places where you can buy them from.

Date Seedlings

Dates are a very unique fruit. The fruits are, however, healthy and contain their own nutritious value. Maybe you would be interested in knowing where to buy date seedlings in Kenya. The seedlings can also be purchased online at various shops. This may include Jiji and Desertcart.

Fruit Tree Seedlings

You can get fruit tree seedlings for sale in Kenya from the following places:

  1. Tel Farm Nurseries.
  2. Asepsis Limited.
  3. Oxfarm.co.ke Eldoret farm.
  4. Natural Green Movement.

Tomato Seedlings

Where to buy tomato seedings in Kenya may be of interest to you. Tomato seedlings in Kenya can be purchased at Simlaw Seeds and Aspesis Limited. Here you are guaranteed the best tomato quality in the market.

Blueberry Seedlings

Are you searching for where to buy blueberry seedlings in Kenya? Blueberry seedlings are found in a variety of places. The places are Tamalu Farm and Desertcart.

Capsicum Seedlings

Capsicum seedlings for sale in Kenya are available. The seedlings are offered at very affordable prices. This means that anyone who is willing to purchase capsicum seedlings can do it.

Seedlings of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus seedlings for sale in Kenya are reasonably priced. Eucalyptus is one of the most common tree species. It becomes more profitable and useful as it grows.


In summary, different types of seedlings are widely available in the country. Identify the type of seedlings you want and make the purchase today. I believe that this article has been of great importance to you.

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