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Maca is a form of vegetable related to broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Maca root is, however, the main part of the plant that is used. It contains vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids.

Maca roots in powdered form are believed to boost the production of sperm. Maca root powder is also believed to ease menopausal symptoms. 

Maca root in Swahili is commonly referred to as Mizizi ya maca

Let us now kick in to what may be our main concern. That is where to buy maca roots in Kenya.

3 Perfect Places to Buy Maca Roots

Are you looking for where to buy maca roots in Kenya? If that is your concern, then here are some places to get maca root in Kenya:

  1. Forever Living Products Kenya.
  2. Healthy U Village Market/Yaya Centre.
  3. Mens Max Suppliments.

These are among the best places where you can buy maca root in Kenya. 

If you want to plant your own maca, then you will need to find where maca seeds in Kenya are sold. After purchasing, you can later begin the plantation. 

Forever multi-maca price in Kenya starts at Ksh. 3,200.

Find yourself a better place to buy fresh maca root. Fresh maca roots are still nutritious and beneficial as compared to the ones that aren’t fresh.

Maca Pills 

The availability of maca pills in Kenya has greatly helped a lot of people improve their health. Maca pills are commonly found in health centres. For better health benefits, get yourself some maca pills without hesitation. 

Is maca root used to get curves in women? Some believe that Maca root for curves is available. According to research, there is no proof that maca root is used to get curves. 


Maca roots are widely available in Kenya and posses a lot of health benefits. You can visit any of the mentioned places and buy maca roots, pills and even the maca seeds. Also note that there are fresh maca roots that are more nutritious. Buy maca roots from any of the mentioned places and enjoy its health benefits.

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