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Nose rings have now become a common trend among ladies. Nose rings are some sort of beauty additive on one’s face and are worn on the outer side of the nose. Those with them believe that the rings are of importance to them and that they help them look more attractive. and beautiful. Some ladies will even end up with more than four nose rings.

Maybe you would like to look good with nose rings too. But the only problem is that you don’t know where to buy them. That brings us to the question of where to buy nose rings in Nairobi.

Best Places to Buy Nose Rings in Nairobi

Some of the places to buy nose rings in Nairobi, Kenya include:

  1. African Jewelry.
  2. Rajshyn Jewellers.
  3. Ishaan Ltd-Costume Jewelry & Feng Shui Art Gallery.
  4. Delux Jewellers Ltd.
  5. The Little Jewellers.

These are just a few places where you can buy nose rings in Nairobi. 

Buy Nairobi rings at very affordable prices, depending on your budget. You can also purchase them from any store of your preference.

The price of nose rings in Kenya will vary depending on the type of the ring, the material used and the design. You can get the nose rings for as low as Ksh.150. 

Fake nose rings in Kenya are available. All you have to do is to conduct thorough research so that you don’t mistake them for the original nose rings.

Getting the most unique nose rings is advantageous as it will help you look different from others. As a matter of fact, unique things are better off than common products. 

Where to Get Nose Piercing

Where to get a nose piercing in Nairobi? Kenya City Gate Mall, Priti Jewellers Limited, and Kenya Tattoos & Piercings are the common places to get a nose piercing in Nairobi. 

There is, however, the availability of nose rings without piercing. These types of rings are available for those who wouldn’t like their noses to be tampered with. They are also advantageous since you can’t get wound infections and so on. 


Since you have clear information about where to buy nose rings, the prices, and where to get nose piercings, then nothing should stop you from changing your looks. Get to the nearest beauty shop and get yourself the most unique nose ring of all as early as possible. 

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