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PlayStation 5 (Ps5) is the latest game in the series of Play Stations. Initially, there used to be a Ps2, but later on, the series kept going till we got the Ps5. The Ps5 is advanced and has more appealing and advanced features as compared to the earlier series.

One of the advanced features of the PlayStation 5 is the wireless pad. This feature helps the user play the game from any distance. Since it is wireless, durability is assured because there will be no issues with spoilt cables. 

Let’s kick in to what may be your point of interest. That is where you buy a Ps5 in Kenya. There are a lot of possible places where you can make the purchase.

Some of which include;

  1. Game Changer-Junction Branch.
  2. Phones & Tablets Kenya.
  3. Games and Consoles.
  4. Techland Electronics.
  5. XGAMER technologies.

The mentioned places also answer the question: where can I buy PS5 in Kenya?

You can’t fail to get Ps5 for sale in Nairobi. This is because there are a lot of people who run that sort of business. 

Ps5 Prices in Kenya

The price of Ps5 in Kenya ranges from Ksh.111,000 to Ksh.136,000. 

The Ps5 price in Kenya on Amazon is Ksh. 136,000. That is Amazon’s Ps5 price storage capacity of 825GB. 

Ps5 Business

Opening a play station shop can be a lucrative business to venture into. You won’t lack money, which will support you in running your daily activities. If you locate your business in a strategic location, you can be sure of earning even more profits.


Since you have a clear idea and picture of where to buy a ps5 in Kenya, then nothing should really stop you from making the purchase. Remember, you will benefit from it whether you are a gamer or a business person. Visit the mentioned places and buy the product without hesitation. 

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