Where to Buy Ready Silage in Kenya | Maize Silage Prices

Silage is basically green fodder or grass which is stored in airtight conditions after being compacted. In most cases, it is stored in a silo before being dried. That is just a brief definition of what silage is.

Here is a list of fodder crops that are recommended for silage: sorghum, pearl, millet, maize, sorghum, oats, and even Napier grass. Silage is good for cows since it is a very good source of energy and is well known for providing digestible fibres. 

Where to buy ready silage in Kenya may be of interest to you. If that is the case, then you have come to the very right place.

Here is a list of some places you can make the purchase from:

  1. Perfometer Agribusiness.
  2. BrazAfric Enterprise Limited.
  3. Mkulima Young.
  4. Cowsoko.
  5. Farmers Market Kenya. 

Finding silage for sale near you is one of the best ideas you can ever think of to avoid inconveniences.

If you are located around Uasin Gishu, you can get silage for sale in Eldoret. Here you will get different types of silage at very cost-friendly prices. 

Maize Silage

Get maize silage for sale and improve the health of your cattle. Also be sure to have an increment in terms of milk production. 

The average maize silage yield per acre in Kenya is about 18 tons to 25 tons on average. 

Although yellow maize silage in Kenya is very common, it produces a yield of about 18 tons per acre. 

Silage Business

There are silage sellers in Kenya who are there to ensure that the farmers get the best quality silage products. The cost of sale in Kenya widely varies depending on where you are purchasing from. 

After purchasing silage, try and find silage bags for sale in Kenya. The bags will help you in terms of carriage. 


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