Where to Buy Red Palm Oil in Nairobi | Health Benefits

Palm oil is one of the vegetable oils that can be eaten. Palm fruits’ mesocarps are used to extract the oil. The oil is utilized in a variety of processes, including the production of food and cosmetics. In terms of health benefits, the oil is also quite significant.

Health benefits of palm oil include:

  • Preventing cancer.
  • Increasing body metabolism.
  • Preventing high cholesterol.
  • Treating malaria.
  • Preventing brain diseases. 

These are just a few of the health benefits of palm oil.

Let us kick in to what may have brought you here. That is, to know where to buy red palm oil in Nairobi.

Here are the best places where you can buy red palm oil in Nairobi:

  1. Kalimoni Greens.
  2. Naivas.
  3. Magunas Supermarket.
  4. Carrefour TRM.
  5. Nairobi China Town

The mentioned places also answer your question about where you can buy red palm oil. 

The price of palm oil in Kenya may be as low as Ksh.200. 

If you have a shop that deals in palm oil products, then you have to get palm oil suppliers in Kenya. On the other hand, you can get palm oil distributors who will be responsible for distributing the oil uniformly across all regions. 

Palm oil should, however, not be consumed in large amounts. This is because it will increase cholesterol levels, thus bringing about chronic diseases. So it is recommended that you take it in smaller quantities for better health. 


That is a very brief and quick summary of palm oil: where to buy, health benefits, and side effects. If you have ever thought of buying the oil, then nothing should stop you since you have all the details. I believe that this review was helpful to you and of great importance. 

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