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Having good chairs and sofas is always many people’s dream. You may, however, have a sofa set but the material used to make it is worn out. At the same time, you have a tight budget that won’t enable you to purchase a new one.

If that might be the case, have you ever thought of just buying a sofa set cover? Imagine spending less and still ending up with your sofas looking magnificently. For instance, you can choose a cover that is very unique, stylish and colorful. Then you will realise how different your old sofa will look. 

Places to Buy Sofa Set Covers in Nairobi

You may now be wondering where to buy sofa set covers in Nairobi. Here are some of the listed places where you can make the purchase:

  1. Furniture Palace
  2. Victoria Courts-Garden City
  3. Tangerine Furniture
  4. Loose Cover 254 Kenya. 

The price of sofa set covers in Kenya, begins from as low as Ksh. 2,000. The price might vary depending on the size of the cover. 

Kamukunji sofa covers are among the shops with the best quality covers. The covers are sold at budget-friendly prices, and anyone willing to purchase them can.

Loose Covers for Sofas in Nairobi

If you are trying to find out where to buy loose covers for sofas in Nairobi, then you are at the right place. Loose cover 254 Kenya has got you covered in all loose cover solutions. All you have to do is to take the initiative to visit the place and choose the most unique and stylish loose covers for sofas in Kenya.

You can also get loose covers in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Loose cover prices in Kenya range from Ksh.4,000 to Ksh.15,000. The range depends on the type and quality of the cover.

There are a variety of loose cover designs in Kenya. You can choose the best cover design that suits you.


I believe that this review was helpful to you and that all the questions were answered appropriately and accordingly. If that is the case, then it is now time to visit any of the places mentioned in this article and buy yourself some sofa set covers. All you have to do now is to make a change to your sofa set and make your house look even more magnificent. 

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