Where to Buy Yams in Nairobi | Health Benefits, Aerial Yams

Yams are among the most nutritious tuber vegetables. They have rough skin, and their flesh is normally pale white in terms of colour. Yams are very good for the body. Here are some health benefits of eating yams;

  1. It may improve blood sugar control.
  2. May reduce inflammation.
  3. May have cancer-fighting properties.
  4. It’s easy to add to your diet.
  5. May enhance brain function.
  6. Rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibre.

Those are just a few of the health benefits of eating yams. 

Are you looking for where you can buy yams in Nairobi? Well, here is a list of some common places where you can buy yams in Nairobi:

  1. Jinya Foods Ltd.
  2. Cool Breeze Hyper Market.
  3. Farmers Market Kenya.
  4. EverGreen Grocers.
  5. Kalimoni Greens. 

Yams Farming in Kenya

Yam farming, also known as nduma farming in Kenya, is a very good farming idea. You will not need much for you to start nduma farming. But there is an assurance of higher profits after the sales. 

For instance, yams in Kikuyu have been able to improve a lot of farmers’ living standards.

Other places where yams are common include the western regions and some parts of the central regions. 

Aerial yams in Kenya are a type of yam that is spineless, thus giving it the ability to curl at a distance of about 10 metres. Aerial yams are very edible, sweet in taste, and also beneficial in terms of health. 

Yams in Kiswahili are known as viazi vikuu. 

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