28 Business To Start With 100k In Kenya For More Profits

28 Business To Start With 100k In Kenya For More Profits

You have money and have no idea how to invest, don’t worry since here is a complete guide for business to start with 100k that can bring you more profits and make you not only rich but wealthy.

Investing 100k in business turns many dreams into reality. Majority consider this amount as a minimum capital but in reality it’s not as there is too much you can do.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

Business to start with 100k in Kenya are portrayed here to open up your mind.

1. Wines And Spirits

Impressive profits are earned in this business since alcoholic drinks are bought at cheap wholesale prices.

Many people like drinking for fun and to relieve their stress making this business more lucrative.

2. Fashion House

If one has a good taste in fashion,100k can turn your dreams into reality.

Buy essential household products with unique designs and sell them to people.

3. Bookshop Business

Students are all over the country. Supplying books in plenty leads to quality education to students making this a good business to start with ksh. 100,000 in Kenya.

4. Sacco Investment              

Join any Sacco that leads to high profits and invest in it. Sacco’s allows people to borrow loans for up to six times.

Money borrowed can be used to boost other businesses.

5. Pallet Furniture

Making the wooden structures used for support when transporting goods and containers(pallets) is among the businesses you can start with in Kenya.

Many restaurants and offices use this pallet as their theme.

6. Start A Travel Agency

Travelling is a hobby for many people during their leisure time. Budget goes to market research to identify the right branding and online marketing.

7. Start An Advertising Agency

Your agency can mainly deal with small scale businesses and help in advertising their products over other enterprises’ products.

Minimum competition makes it a good business to start with ksh. 100,000 in Kenya.

8. Selling Niche And Trendy Products

Minimum competition is faced by people selling niche products on online marketing.

These business requires minimum capital of 100k to purchase items like VR headsets, waist trainers, drones, among many more.

9. Sell Bonsai Trees

These trees have features of a fully grown tree.

Due to their unique nature, it makes them to be in demand and thus a very profitable niche business.

10. Start Events Planning Company.

Specializing in the type of events to plan makes it cheaper thus a good business to start in Kenya.

Also, one can go for all events if they are willing and ready to incur the cost.

11. Catering Services

Catering business is one of the business to start with 100k in Kenya. Establishing from your home helps avoid unnecessary cost such as rent.

12. Mobile Massage Services

People with busy schedules would prefer mobile massage services to going to spas.

One can establish a website or an app so as to be booked and deliver massage services at a client’s home.

13. Real Estate Wholesaling

Identifying undervalued properties for sale is key in this business.

Finding a buyer who is willing to buy the property with a higher price will make one earn more profit. It is an underrated opportunity making it a business to start in Kenya.

14. Vending Machine

Installing vending machines for stuff like cold water, milk, juice, snacks, etc. and locating in a premeditated position such markets will help the busy Kenyans get these products without wasting time.

15. Cooling Van Business

Hot seasons need cooler drinks to quench thirsts and cooling the body.

Cooling van is purchased to ice drinks in parties such as weddings, birthday parties, among others.

16. Start An Entertainment Lounge

Entertainments help to reduce stress. Setting up entertainment projects like cinemas can give it a go.

With time, the business will grow and more profits will be earned.

17. Brick Moulding Business

Demand for cheap homes are on the rise in Kenya. Bricks are relatively cheap resources used in building homes.

Brick making machines, soil, spades and labour is all you need to kick off the business.

18. Appliance Repairing

Many appliances become faulty with time. Setting a repairing shop will make this business be in demand since there are is minimum competition.

19. Chemical Merchant

Selling chemicals needed in laboratories is a good business to start in Kenya since its demand exceeds the supply.

20. Selling Recharge Vouchers

Recharge cards is a business you can start with KSH. 100,000 in Kenya. Selling them to friends, colleagues and society at large will make one earn more income.

21. Internet Café Business

This is one of the money spinner businesses in Kenya since many people do the online staff and are not connected to internet.

Locate the business in a place which is very busy like towns. You can add on services like online researching, computer services, printings, among others.

22. Setting Up A Boutique

New designer clothes and shoes are sold here at affordable prices.

Many individuals would prefer looking classy with new fashionable clothes making it a highly marketable business.

23. Solar Panel Sales And Repair

Rural areas mainly use solar energy due to lack of electricity in this areas.

Make more profits in this business by setting up a shop that mainly deals with solar panel. No facing of stiff completion in this business.

24. Cab And Ride Booking Services

Corona pandemic has led to high demand of this service due to social distance.

Many people would prefer this rides rather than using public services vehicles.

25. Gifting Solutions

Gifts are commonly used in Kenya. Flood the market with goods used for gifting people and watch your dreams come true.

26. Mobile Money Transfers

Being agents of various banks such as Equity agents, yield more money at the end of every month since people have no time to go to the banks.

They are also avoiding ques so as to save on their precious time.

27. Poultry Farming

Broilers and layers are fast growing birds and their products are highly demanded in the market today.

One can decide to start buying chicks and take good care of them till maturity and search for orders from hotels.

28. Butchery Business

Meat is highly liked by the majority in the society. Supplying of meat to various butcheries is also profitable when one gets serious with it.

Majority have not discovered the secret making it a good business to start in Kenya.


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.


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To sum up, many business opportunities have not been unleashed by the common “mwanainchi”. Invest in the above businesses and you will not regret as business to start with 100k makes you earn more profits.

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