35 Business To Start With 50K In Kenya For Maximum Profits

Business To Start With 50K In Kenya For Maximum Profits

I am telling you highly profitable business to start with 50k in Kenya that can push you towards riches and success.

Be your own boss is what the majority are looking forward to in the current generation.

Besides, with the rise in technology, minimum capital is required to venture into business world and become more successful in life.

Stick to the end because I have prepared a guide to help you start each of those business you desire step by step.

By the end of the article you will have no excuse not to start. A bonus article for ways to get capital is included in the guide.

Below are businesses to start with 50k in Kenya as your capital:

1. Movie Shop

The huge demand of Tv shows create a great niche for setting up a movie shop for the locals in rural areas.

This is due to lack of internet connection where they can watch from various websites.

2. Hardware Store

It is a more profitable business to start in Kenya with a capital of ksh. 50,000.

Many assume that it requires a huge capital but that’s not the case. But business license is among the basic requirements.

3. Mobile Money Agent

Mpesa, Equitel, Airtel money, T-Kash, among others are used for the regular money transfer services in Kenya.

KSH. 50,000 can be used as cash float for the start of the business.

4. Farming

Agribusiness earns high profits when carefully utilized.

Life is about food and starting farming around your residential area will help to reduce unemployment.

5. Milk Bar

Supply of fresh and high quality milk creates a high demand especially in urban areas.

Ensure that you get good milk resources and a license. As the business grows, one expands and invests more thus earning higher profits.

6. Car Wash

Spacious yard that can accommodate vehicles, water supply and a car wash machine is all that is required to begin.

Strategic place is also key so as to attract many customers. It is also a business to start with 50k in Kenya.

7. Professional Cleaning Business

It is one of the business to start in Kenya with the least capital of ksh. 30,000-ksh. 50,000.

Residential home and commercial premises are in high demand of cleaning services.

8. Boda Boda Business

Purchase of a second hand bodaboda of ksh. 40,000-50,000 and selecting an area where it will operate is very key to start this project.

9. Food Joint

Secure a health and business license to avoid problems with the law. Prepare clean and classy food to attract more clients.

10. Web Designing

In the current error more businesses are done online to target not only the locals but also international buyers.

Attend a web design short course to acquire the skills. Depending on the design, one can earn ksh. 20,000-ksh. 50,000 for every website designed.

11. Start Blogging

One can share stories, adventures and skills online.

Also, affiliate marketing helps you earn commission as you recommend products or services on your website.

12. Bakery

Setting up a bakery is another type of business to start in Kenya with a minimum capital.

If one lacks the skill, attend classes so as to polish your skills and process good bakery products.

13. E-commerce Business

It takes about 50K to launch a small Jumia like business, with capital covering both the hosting and web design.

Also, one can set up a small website where you sell your own products.

15. Digital Marketing Services

One can set up a website, market your skills and some tools of trade. In addition, be active in all social media, content creation, email marketing, etc.

16. Start An Online Consultancy Business

They help entrepreneurs set up business that grows and earn high incomes.

There is high demand of business consultations especially in urban areas.

17. Drop Shipping

Here, sellers advertise products that they don’t own.

Customers place orders and one gets commission after directly shipping the products to them making it a good business to start in Kenya due to almost zero competition.

18. Selling Handcrafts Internationally On Etsy

Etsy is where artisans and crafts people sell their work to international people.

Unique products are high marketable earning more profits.

19. Forex And Crypto Trading

 People trade their currency with highly profitable currency.

This is among highly demanded business to start in Kenya with minimum capital of ksh. 50,000.

20. Real Estate Brokering

Link buyers and sellers of a property and get commission after sales has been made.

21. Publish An E-book

Publishing in platforms like Amazon Kindle store, one keeps earning income without lots of work.

22. Food Delivery To Offices

Several workers in offices have no time to get out of their offices during lunch time.

This makes this business highly demanded since food is delivered at the office’s doorpost.

23. Graphic Design Firm

One can offer services through online freelancing platform like Fiverr and up work.

24. Nail Parlour

Ladies prefer their nails being done by experts in manicure and pedicure.

50K is able to buy UV gel drier, quality gel polish, add on nails, pedicure sets, among other items.

25. Dry Cleaning

Dirty suits and duvets are cleaned here using the dry cleaners. Suits are well ironed.

Items required include: washing machine, iron box and a strategic place thus it’s a business to start in Kenya.

26. Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phone spare parts are needed to start the business. Also, hire a technician who is good at phones if you lack that skill.

27. Wood Working Business

It is a good business to start in Kenya with a minimum amount of capital. Wood is a basic requirement to start this business.

28. LPG Gas Refill

Many people use gas cookers in cooking. Gas cylinders run out of gases and thus making this business more lucrative.

29. Photocopying And Printing Services

Photocopying machines, printing machines and a room are key things to begin this business.

With the aid of 50k capital, this business will turn out successful.

30. Electrical Shops

Majority of items are electrical. This shop will be highly demanded thus earning more profits.

Invest more in it after it has grown to earn more income.

31. Run A Popcorn Machine

Popcorns business is so ideal for one to start. Locate a strategic place such as supermarkets, schools, markets, among others.

32. Professional Shoe Shine Service                                         

Thrives well in towns since there are very many people who really need this service to look presentable in offices.

33. Tent And Chair Rentals

Ceremonies make this business more lucrative since seats and tents are highly considered for a colourful party.

34. Kiosks

Residential areas really need kiosks which sell many local households.

35. Pharmacy

Selling medicine is one of the underrated business that has high profits.

Many people will live near a pharmacy so as to get first hand service during an emergency.


Now you have a clear idea of the business you can start. As promised, I have a complete guide to help you start your business in whichever idea you believe you can do. Check this article how to start business in Kenya.

The article covers each of those business in detail to help get you started as an entrepreneur today within your budget. Inside you have a bonus article with information of how to get capital to start your business.


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There are very many businesses to start in Kenya with 50k in Kenya. Start investing more in business and earn more profits. Unleash your businesses potential to improve your living standards.

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