AP Salary In Kenya | Updated Now

AP Salary In Kenya | Updated Now

AP stands for Administration Police. In Kenya the Administration Police is a body that is associated with National Police Service, as a paramilitary security organization. The AP headquarters are established in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of an AP include but not limited to:

1. Maintenance of law and order

2. Protection of life and property

3. Give assistance to the government where needed

4. Ensure border patrol security among others

Are you curious on finding out what is the salary of an AP? The salary of AP in Kenya is Ksh. 32,880 per month for the lowest rank and as high as Ksh. 854,241 per month for the most superior ranks.

AP Salary Based on Ranking

AP salary in Kenya may also be graded according to the ranking of the officer. The rank can therefore be attained by increase in educational level. Explicit practice of special training skills can also be a contributing factor.

The ranking of the AP salary in Kenya is clear and has specific salary. The following is the salary for administration police salary in Kenya per month based on ranking:

Constable (From college): Ksh. 32,880

Corporal: Ksh. 42,660

Sergeant: Ksh. 45,540

Senior Sergeant: Ksh. 50,220

Inspector of Police: Ksh. 53,820

Chief Police Inspector: Ksh. 59,220

Assistant Superintendent: Ksh. 70,530

Superintendent: Ksh. 73,020

Senior Superintendent: Ksh. 85,890

Commissioner of police: Ksh. 130,590

Assistant Inspector General: Ksh. 187,890

Senior assistant Inspector General of police: Ksh. 274,890

Inspector General of police: Ksh. 854,241

AP Salary Scale Based on Job Group

AP salary in Kenya can be categorized depending on the job group (grade) an individual falls in in the course of their service. Job group can be put on the same category as grade as indicated in the below.

Job Group F Salary: Ksh. 17,190

Job Group G Salary Ksh. 22,410

Job Group H Salary: Ksh. 30,750

Job Group I Salary: Ksh. 33.990

Job Group J Salary: Ksh. 36,300

Job Group K Salary: Ksh. 40,080

Job Group L Salary: Ksh. 45,540

Job Group M Salary: Ksh. 48,660

Job Group N Salary: Ksh. 59,220

Job Group P Salary: Ksh. 98,040

Job Group R Salary: Ksh. 143,790

Job Group S Salary: Ksh. 180,090

AP salary in Kenya can be earned better if the officer invests in increasing their education level other. I hope, this information certifies your need to know more about administration police salary in Kenya.

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