GSU Salary In Kenya And Allowances | New Payslip Update

GSU Salary In Kenya And Allowances | New Payslip Update

General Service Unit(GSU) is a paramilitary wing  that comprises of well trained police officers and soldiers in the Kenyan military and Kenyan Police.

They play a major part in maintaining law and order in the country and protecting the country’s territory.

GSU salary in Kenya has recently increased due to the heavy tasks allocated to them by the Government of Kenya. G.S.U salary in Kenya varies depending on the job group and the grade.

Salary of a GSU in Kenya is well represented in the salary scale below:

Job GroupGradeBasic Salary Per Month
IPG4Ksh. 33,990
JPG5Ksh. 36,700
KPG6Ksh, 40,100
LPG7Ksh. 45,600
GSU Salary In Kenya

Also, Allowances are included in the GSU salary in Kenya per month.

Allowances For GSU in Kenya

These allowances appear in the GSU payslip:

1. Basic Allowance For subsistence -Ksh.5,400

2. Family Separation Allowance-Ksh.6,800

3. Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance of Ksh.10,000

4. Military Clothing Allowance-Ksh.5,000

5. Basic Allowance for Housing of Ksh.8,000

GSU Training In Kenya

GSU training takes place in the GSU-specific Training School in Embakasi, Nairobi and its Field Training Camp in Magadi.

Training duration is 10 months long courses with further 5 months short courses for promotion.

One can join the training school with a minimum grade of D+ and must be 18-28years of age.

GSU Recruitment

This is always done once a year after thorough training in Camps.

GSU recruitment is always announced to the public by the President and is done on a specific date and month.

GSU Uniform In Kenya

GSU in Kenya dress up in Jungle green uniform.

The Kenyan Police officers dress up in Blue Uniform which president Uhuru Kenyatta says that it will increase their visibility.


To conclude, the General Service Unit has played a key role in the Kenyan security at large. Minimum crime rates are experienced  in the country  due to the help of this General Service Unit thus enabling peace and order in the national level.

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