HR Salary In Kenya | New Latest Pay

HR Salary In Kenya | New Latest Pay

Human Resource (HR) management is the basic department of any organization that aspires to prosper.

The department is mainly responsible for the management process which controls all the activities of the organization such as recruiting, hiring, training, on boarding, firing employees and also administering the benefits of employees.

Are you yearning to know how is an HR paid in Kenya?. HR salary in Kenya is earns an average of Ksh.240,000 per month including all the allowances.

Human Resource salary in Kenya may vary based on the educational level, work experience, organization that one works for and location.

Starting Salary of Human Resource In Kenya

What is the salary of a HR Fresher? HR fresher earns a starting salary of Ksh.85,000 per month inclusive of all allowances. HR fresher is a new employee who is from school or a newly promoted employee who is given the post.

HR Assistant Salary In Kenya

Human Resources have assistants who help them in implementing the strategies that make organizations achieve its goals. Human Resource Assistant are also known as Human Resource Clerk.

HR Clerk salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.120,000 per month.This includes the monthly benefits such as allowances.

HR Manager Salary In Kenya

HR managers mainly recruit nee employees who applied for the vacant positions.

HR manager receives a monthly salary of Ksh.300,000 including the allowances.

HR Director Salary In Kenya

A HR Director has the overall responsibility of the organization’s personnel  and the employees general training.

HR Director earns Ksh.450,000 on a monthly basis.

Diploma In HR Salary In Kenya

Diploma holders are also employed by companies to monitor the organization’s activities.

Diploma in HR salary ranges from as low as Ksh.25,000 to as high as Ksh.75,000 per month. The salary range includes all allowances.

Marketability Of Human Resource In Kenya

Is HR marketable in Kenya? Yes, HR is a highly marketable course that is so promising since there are various organizations in Kenya that cannot function well without having a  HR be on demand. HR graduands are immediately absorbed by the organization thus minimum job tarmacking in this career.


Human Resource is a promising career since it is among the high paying jobs in Kenya. In addition, HR courses are offered in many learning institutions in Kenya.

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