CPA Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

CPA Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

CPA in full means Certified Public Accountant who mainly pursued accounting as his or her career. These are professional accountants who mainly deal with the organizations financial accounts.

CPA holders play a key role in ensuring that the organization is in a good financial position by checking whether it is going on a loss or profit.

They use various economical tools to rectify the loss state of an organization. These has made Certifies Public Accountants be on demand in the current industrial error.

How much is a CPA paid in Kenya? The CPA salary in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.60,000 to as high as Ksh.305,890 per month. These figures includes all the allowances and benefits for the CPA course salary in Kenya.

CPA holder salary in Kenya varies depending on the organization that one is employed, education level and work experience

CPA Allowances In Kenya

Certified Public Accountants enjoy allowances such as:

1. Transport Allowances.

2. Medical Allowances.

3. Sitting Allowances.

4. Hardship Allowances.

5. Commuter Allowances.

6. Leave Allowance.

The amount of Kenya Shillings of these allowances vary from one organization to another.

Marketability Of CPA In Kenya

Is CPA marketable in Kenya? Yes. CPA is highly marketable in Kenya. CPA holders are on high demand in many organizations that cannot run without knowing the financial state of their organization. These makes CPA course worth studying as most applicants are immediately absorbed by the industries.

CPA Qualifications

For one to study CPA as a course, he or she must attain the minimum requirements below:

Minimum Grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum grade of C+ in Mathematics and English.

Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) with at least two principal passes and credits in Mathematics and English.


To summarize, Certified Public Accountants have more economical benefits in the society at large. CPA monthly salary is always paid on time and all the allowances are always included in their payslip.CPA course is a good course that is worth studying in any institution.

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