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Barista Salary In Kenya New Updated Salaries

A barista job involves preparing and serving hot and cold beverages.

Barista mainly works in areas such as restaurants where they also describe menu items to customers and give their suggestions about the purchase of a product, cleaning and sanitizing services, taking orders from customers and answering their questions, among others.

Barista salary in Kenya per month is really high since their Allowances are high as they work in classy restaurants such as Java in Kenya.

A barista in Kenya earns an average of Ksh.40,000 per month. This Barista salary includes all the allowances that they benefit.

Also, barista’s salary is not always fixed as it can increase due to the education level and work experience thus earning more salary per month.

Barista Course Fees In Kenya

Barista course fees in Kenya is relatively cheaper compared to other courses.

Also, school fees varies depending on the institution that one will take the course from.

Barista course fees ranges from Ksh.9,000 to Ksh.13,000 per semester that is three months duration.

Barista Schools in Kenya

Barista courses are offered in particular institutions in Kenya.

The training facilities are well equipped with the required resources.

In addition to that they have a large population of qualified personnel who teach Barista courses.

Barista training institutions include:

1. Baristapro Kenya.

2. Kenyan Barista.

3. Barista Hospitality and Commercial College.

4. Nairobi Bar School.

5. Kenya Coffee School.

6. Vera Beauty and Fashion College.

7. Nairobi Certificate in Barista skills.

8. Domans Coffee.

9. Connect Coffee Empowerment Centre.

10. Nakuru Barista College.

Barista Training Duration

It takes about three months for one to master the basic skills.Another six months is for being competent about the Barista skills thus takes a total of  nine to ten months for one to be employed as a Barista.


Barista courses are worth it as it can be done as a short course in various institutions. Also, an added advantage about these courses is that it does not require greater qualifications thus flexible as anyone can pursue it.

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