Mixologist Salary In Kenya | Latest New Earning

Mixologist Salary In Kenya | Latest New Earning

Mixology meaning is the art of mixing fluids or beverages such as cocktails to come up with a better solution. Mixology in Kenya has enhanced the development of Kenyan economy as it generates more income.

Do Mixologist make good money? Yes, Mixologists in Kenya make good money on a monthly basis especially for the highly skilled personnel. Mixologist salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.40,000 per month including all allowances such as housing allowances.

Schools Offering Mixology In Kenya

There are various schools that have specialized in offering Mixology.

Some of the best schools for mixology in Kenya include:

1. Dante Mixology Training Institute.

2. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.

3. Kenya School of Monetary Studies.

Mixology Course

Diploma in mixology is done in the mixology schools in a duration of one year.

Minimum age of 18 years is one of the qualifications.

Mixology course mainly trains students in the following areas:

a. Industrial Training.

b. Guest Faculties.

c. Setup and simulations.

d. Inventory management.

e. Mixology body language, among others.

Mixology Jobs In Kenya

Mixology job vacancy in Kenya include:

1. Aurum Consultants.

2. New Club Hpnotica.

3. Jaqanaz Resort.

4. Sigona Golf Club.

5. Tamarind Group.

6. Charlie’s Bistro, Kenya.

7. East Gates Hotel.

8. Career King Kenya.

9. Coffee Lab Nairobi


In summary, Mixology gives one an opportunity to explore more drinks and come up with a variety of drinks. Mixologists also earn good money on a monthly basis. It also requires a minimum grade qualifications therefore can be done by anyone.

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