Best Towns To Invest In Land Near Nairobi With High Returns

Best Towns To Invest In Land Near Nairobi With High Returns

I have compiled a guide for best towns to invest in land near Nairobi with high returns. These areas can be considered as best places to invest in real estate in Kenya for business.  Also, a list of cheapest place to buy land near Nairobi is inclusive that can be suitable for a home.

Land is still in high demand as a real estate investment in Nairobi and its environs. This growth can be ascribed to increasing infrastructural development by both the county and national governments in recent years.

Real estate investments have exploded in the previous decade. Several billions of shillings worth of projects have been completed or are currently being built. International players have noticed the rise and have considered the country to be appropriate for their investments.

Land costs in different satellite towns vary based on the location of the land, the availability of various social services, and the distance from the tarmac.

7 Best Towns to Invest in Land Near Nairobi

Data shows that these towns are good places to invest in Kenya. According to a new research by Cytonn Investments, the following Nairobi Metropolitan areas provide the best land investment returns:           

7 Upper Hill

Upper Hill is one of Kenya’s most costly areas to purchase land, with an acre costing Ksh487.3 million.

Because of its closeness to the Nairobi Industrial Area and the two main airports, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport, the property value in Upper Hill has increased substantially.

6 Ruaka

An acre in Ruaka is currently on the market for Sh89.8 million.

5 Thika

Thika town had a 3.2 percent increase from Ksh10 million to Ksh10.4 million, indicating a shift from Ksh10 million to Ksh10.4 million.

4. Kamulu

Kamulu is one of the best places to build a home in Kenya. 50×100 plots in Kamulu town, next to the tarmac, are available for Ksh1.1 million by Fanaka real estate among others.

These plots are completely serviced, come with ready-to-move-in title documents, and are equipped with all modern conveniences.

Due to the impending development of Kangundo Road to a dual carriageway, land values in Kamulu are expected to skyrocket.

3 Ruiru

In the serviced land sector, Ruiru land has increased from Ksh24 million to Ksh25.3 million, reflecting a 5.2 percent divergence.

2 Athi River

The value of land in Athi River increased by 8.7% from Ksh12 million to Ksh13.1 million, indicating a positive deviation of 8.7%.

1 Rongai

Land that previously sold for Ksh18 million in Ongata Rongai, Kajido County, is now selling for Ksh19.8 million, an increase of 3.8 percent from the previous financial year.

Cheapest Places To Buy Land In Kenya.

if you are operating under a low budget do not lose hope of being a land owner. There are other upcoming towns that can be considered as the cheapest places to buy land in Kenya.

If you were wondering where to buy cheap land in Nairobi? These are the areas you can add to your shopping lost:

1 Juja Farm

50×100 Plot prices range from Ksh.200,000 – Ksh.350,000              

2 Joska

50×100 Plot Prices are between Ksh.250,000 – Ksh.500,000

3 Kona in Eastern Bypass

50×100 plot is going at between Kshs.500,000 – Ksh.700,000 

4 Kimuka in Ngong

50×100 Plot prices range between Kshs.250,000 – Kshs.350,000 in most cases

5 Isinya

50×100 Plot prices starts from Ksh. 450,000

6 Kimana Town

50X100 Plot starts from Ksh. 300,000

7 Lusigetti in Kikuyu

50×100 Plot starts from Ksh. 500,000

8. Mwihoko

50×100 Plot price ranges between Ksh 500,000 – Ksh. 600,000

9 Ndeiya in Limuru

50 x 100 Plot starts at Ksh. 300,000.


From the high land value, its evident that the best towns to invest in land near Nairobi are the once with good infrastructure. Nevertheless, some great places are cheap and affordable to suit the middle income earners.

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