How To Buy A House In Kenya | Legally For Best Deal

How To Buy A House In Kenya | Legally For Best Deal

Various citizens have invested in selling houses such as apartments to people in Kenya.

Most buyers prefer buying a house than building their own house because buying a house as it saves time.

There are several houses being sold out there with the cheapest prices yet they are fully furnished.

Perhaps you may wish to know how to buy a home that is fully furnished. I got you covered because this article is meant for you.

Buying an apartment in Kenya is very simple although it costs some money but still you are capable to afford.

You may also be interested in knowing the cost of buying a house in Kenya. The cost of buying a house in Kenya ranges from Ksh.3,000,000 to as high as Ksh.500,000,000.

Exact cost depends on the type and purpose of the house, size of the house, and location of the house among others.

Process Of Buying A House

Weather you are buying an apartment in Kenya, or you want to buy a home or a business house, there are key requirements to buy a house in Kenya shown in the steps below.

Now, let me show you how to buy a house in Kenya legally with ease and at the best price ever.

Step 1: Find A Lawyer

Hire a licensed lawyer who has specialized in real estate who will help you in the buying of the house.

It is also good to find a lawyer who has a good reputation in that sector.

Step 2: Choose Your Best House

Select your preferred house of choice that meet your desires so as to avoid living in a house that you are not satisfied with.

Step 3: Agreement Preparation

Agreement of purchase and sale is prepared by the lawyer that you are working with.

Step 4: Have Real Identities Of Seller

Contact the seller in order to get their real names, property address, price you are willing to pay, the deposit, request for a land survey of the property, among others.

Be sure that the name of the seller matches with the ID and property names in the order they follow each other.

If say your seller is called Mia Mbili, all details including ID and property details should have that name in that order.

Otherwise, if another document reads Mbili Mia be very cautious because legally this is a different person.

You may end up in trouble in future in case the person with second name (Mbili Mia) comes to claim the house which you bought from the Mia Mbili. Fraud cases happen like this.

Step 5: Negotiate

After negotiation there is an agreement in which transaction of the money should take place.

Step 6: Avoid Cash Payment

Cash payment lacks evidence just in case you need it in future. Payment is done either by mortgage or by Cheque.

Step 7: Get All Your Documents As The Owner

Exchange of documents such as title deeds, property insurance, among others.

I hope you have understood the simple steps on how to buy a new house in Kenya. These requirements to buy a home should be done carefully to avoid theft.


To conclude, buying a house in Kenya is simple and takes a little of cash to settle in a nice home. I hope you have gotten the steps on how to buy a home for yourself.

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