Cost Of A Lorry Of Ballast In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Cost Of A Lorry Of Ballast In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Ballast can either be bought for commercial purposes or construction purposes. Based on the commercial purposes, selling of ballast is a good venture that you can delve into and achieve financial freedom as fast as possible. This can be achieved by buying a lorry of ballast at a lower price and selling it at a relatively higher price.

Besides commercial purposes, ballast can be used for construction purposes when constructing houses and other projects. For this reason, I will give you informative data on the ballast price in Kenya so that in either way you are still good to go.

Let us get started on the cost of a lorry of ballast in Kenya which ranges from Ksh.30,000 to Ksh. 40,000 which carries an average of 22 tonnes of ballast. This price of ballast per lorry highly varies based on the machine cut ballast and the manual cut ballast with machine cut ballast being quite expensive.

Also, you may be interested in knowing the cost of ballast per tonne in Kenya which I am going to take you through. The cost of 1 tonne of ballast in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.1,500 to as high as Ksh.1,800 depending on the type of ballast that you want.

A lorry of ballast which is averagely 22 tonnes can be used in construction and covers a relatively larger area in the construction site. Aside from this, a lorry of ballast can be used for commercial purposes mainly achieved by you as an individual buying from the quarry and selling ballast to customers for construction purposes.

I hope you have gotten the full idea on the price of ballast to avoid being conned at the quarry. Besides, this article will help you in setting prices of ballast for commercial purposes.

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