Cost Of Building A Toilet In Kenya | Affordable Long Lasting

Cost Of Building A Toilet In Kenya | Affordable Long Lasting

Among the most important buildings to have either in a school, church, home, or any organization is a toilet.

This facility plays a very big and essential role. Since food is a basic need and we eat each day, then this means that we release waste too many times.

Now there is where a toilet plays a fundamental role of safely storing the waste without damaging our environment.

I am here to enlighten you on the average cost you should have to build a toilet from scratch to completion.

The cost of building a toilet in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 70,000 to KSH. 300,000 for digging and fully furnishing a modern pit latrine.

Factors Influencing Cost Of Building A Toilet

Pit latrine construction in Kenya is done by simply digging a hole which its size is estimated by a technician.

Besides, the exact charges to incur in the building of a toilet depends on a lot of factors such as:

1. Type Of Toilet

The type of toilet is it a modern one or an ordinary one.

Modern pit latrine have a hole build in form of a septic tank that if flushable either manually by pouring water or automatic using a cistern tank.

An ordinary toilet pit latrine is more of a simple permanent toilet. It costs much less than the modern pit latrines.

2. Type Of Construction Materials

For modern pit latrines you will incur high cost of laying foundation and floor for the septic tank.

The toilet bowls and water point also comes at an extra cost.

3. Your Preferred Toilet Design

Some modern latrine designs are too fancy and have a luxury finishing including tiles which will attract more charges

4. Geological Factors

The type of soil in which the toilet is to be constructed matters.

Some places are too rocky or the earth too hard to crush making the digging cost per feet very high.

Yet it is recommended that the hole to be dug should be set back about 50 feet from drinking water.

Modern Pit Latrines

In many homes and organizations, you will find modern pit latrines.

These latrines are made in a way that they have a septic tank and the latrines can be flashed.

The construction of modern pit latrines cost ranges from Ksh. 70,000 -KSH. 300,000.

The cost is a bit high since the constructed toilet the best quality and long lasting. The toilet is worth the cost.

You will realize that your budget will make the latrine look even better.

Materials such as tiles and good paint can be used to make the latrine look amazing.

Traditional Pit Latrines

Local latrines found in villages use the most available resources for construction.

After digging the hole, the surface is covered by slabs and make a hole between. Still it plays the same function like a modern one.

That shows the budget of building a toilet or a latrine in Kenya. Let me believe that the article was of importance to you.

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