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Do you want to buy Honda fit in Kenya yet you do not know exactly how much it cost? Well, you are in the right place. Honda Fit is one of those vehicles that is suitable for those who loves small nice looking cars. If you have always been that person, then Honda fit is the best alternative.

Owning a small vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no money. Neither does it mean that you can’t afford to own big vehicles. Some people prefer having small vehicles due to their own specific reasons.

Cost of Honda Fit in Kenya is Ksh.3,500,000 on average for a new car.

The price for a used Honda Fit (Second hand) in Kenya is about Ksh.900,000.

Key Features of Honda Fit

Some of the features of Honda Fit that suits the buyer are as stated below;

  • It has an engine capacity of 1,317cc to 1,496cc.
  • Has a drive type of AWD/FF.
  • Fuel consumption of 15-26km/L.
  • A maximum power of 18-132PS.

Honda Fit Shuttle & Honda Fit Hybrid Prices in Kenya

The Honda Fit shuttle is also another best alternative. As compared to Honda Fit, the shuttle is a bit modern and the successor of station wagon variant.

The Price of Honda Fit shuttle in Kenya ranges from Ksh.2,5000,000 to Ksh.3,000,000.

The Price of Honda Fit hybrid in Kenya costs about ksh.2,000,000 to Ksh.3,000,000 including taxes.


By now I am sure your have all the reasons to get yourself a Honda fit. Hopefully the answers were provided accordingly and the prices listed were also relevant. If that is the case, then it’s time for you to chase your dreams without hesitation. Get yourself a new Honda fit or a used one according to your budget. No one will judge you as long as your dream has come true. All the best.

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