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One of the world’s most popular vehicle is the Nissan March. Nissan March is very friendly in terms of fuel. It is designed in a way that makes it cheap and affordable. In addition, the vehicle is attractive and has stunning features in preference to the user.

Ever since Nissan manufactured the March, many people have been able to purchase it since it’s pocket friendly. If you are an economical person or on a tight budget, then the March is the better option for you.

Cost of Nissan March in Kenya ranges from Ksh.450,000 to Ksh.1,700,000 on average.

The new Nissan March price in Kenya that is the 2021 year model ranges from Ksh.1,450,000 to Ksh.1,700,000.

The Nissan March price in Mombasa will vary depending on things such as the year model, the engine capacity among others. It’s price may start from as low as Ksh.500,000.

Key Features of Nissan March

Some of the features of Nissan March are as listed below:

  • The vehicle has an engine capacity of 997-1,597cc.
  • It’s fuel consumption is 18-23Km/L.
  • Has a maximum power of 58-150ps.
  • It’s drive type is AWD/FF.

Those are among the features that make the vehicle as stunning as it is.

Nissan March Second Hand Price

If you are not able to purchase a brand new Nissan March, then purchasing a used one is also an alternative.

The price of a used Nissan March in Kenya begins from an amount of Ksh.750,000 onwards.

The price will vary depending on the condition of the car and also its mileage.

Nissan March 1000cc

Nissan March 1000cc is not a bad option after all. As usual such vehicles are very friendly in terms of fuel consumption. At some point they are powerful and stable. Getting yourself a 1000cc Nissan march is a good choice to make.


By now you have a clear clue about Nissan March. Let me believe that this review was helpful to you and that all the answers were provided accordingly. If you’ve ever thought of owning a Nissan March then the time is now.

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