Cost of Nissan Note in Kenya | New Market Prices

The love for Nissan Note in Kenya is due to the fact that it provides comfortability and more legroom to the users. Nissan Note is also considered fuel economy as it consumes only about one litre for a distance of about 25km.

According to the history of vehicles, Nissan is one of the largest world producing vehicle company in the world. The company makes sales of its vehicles across different parts of the country in the world.

The new model of Nissan Note are quite expensive as compared to the older models. This is because the new model has some more modifications that the old one do not have.

Cost of Nissan Note in Kenya ranges from Ksh.700,000 to Ksh.2,180,000

The price of old model that is the 2017 model ranges from Ksh.1,200,000 to Ksh.1,700,000 while the price for the new model in Nairobi is Ksh.1,200,000 to Ksh.2,180,000.

Features of Nissan Note

Nissan Note is well preferred by the majority since it has the most attractive and unique features. For instance;

  1. It has an engine capacity of 1,198cc-1,597cc.
  2. It’s drive type is AWD/FF.
  3. Nissan note has a maximum power of 79-140ps.
  4. A fuel consumption of 14-26km/l.
  5. Has a seat capacity of 5 adults.

Nissan Note Second Hand Price

Used Nissan Note price in Kenya begins from Ksh.350,000 going upwards. The selling price however will depend on the seller. In addition, the vehicle is sold at a price that is related to the condition that it is in.

Nissan Note price in Mombasa begins from as low as ksh.550,000.


The Nissan Note is the best car for those people operating on a tight budget. It is affordable to buy and also driving it is economical since it consumes very little petrol. You can now transform your dreams into reality by purchasing the Nissan Note. I believe that this review was helpful to you.

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