Cost of Nissan Juke in Kenya Right Now

Nissan is one of the companies that produce among the world’s best vehicles. The company has taken over the market considering the highest number of vehicles it has sold so far. Among the best vehicles that Nissan has ever created is the Nissan Juke.

The vehicle is made in a very unique design that makes it even more attractive. The vehicle is also manufactured in a way that it provides comfort to the user. Another added advantage is its low fuel consumption. You do not have to spend a lot on fuel.

Nissan Juke price could vary due to a variety of factors. For instance, whether it’s a new model or old model, used or brand new among other factors.

Cost of Nissan Juke in Kenya ranges from Ksh.800,000 to Ksh.3,800,000.

A brand new Nissan Juke price in Kenya is Ksh.3,800,000.

Key Features of Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke has some stunning features as indicated below;

  1. AWD/FF drive type.
  2. An engine capacity of 1,498cc to 1,618cc.
  3. A fuel consumption of 12-18km/l.
  4. A maximum power of 114-214ps.

As you can see from its features, the vehicle is very good in terms of fuel consumption. Nissan Juke is also very stable on the road and it’s very rare for it to loose balance.

Nissan Juke Second Hand Price in Kenya

If you are  not able to purchase a new Nissan Juke, then having a used one can also be an option. Your next question would probably be how much it costs to purchase a used Nissan Juke in Kenya?

The price of a second hand Nissan Juke in Kenya starts from as low as Ksh.800,000.


In conclusion, the cost of Nissan Juke in Kenya is affordable. Besides, the fuel consumption of this particular vehicle is also low thus manageable. If you have always thought of owning it then now is the time to go get it. Good luck!

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