Cost of Subaru Outback in Kenya Today | New Market Price

Have you ever asked yourself whether Subaru Outback is the best luxurious car for you? Well, Subaru Outback is one of the top luxurious cars with riveting history making it a more compelling brand. It is popularly known for its off-road capability which makes it a unique automobile.

Needless to say, you need to have a proper plan of raising the funds to avoid inconveniences of insufficient funds during the day of purchase. This calls for you to know the Subaru Outback price in Kenya.

The cost of Subaru Outback in Kenya ranges from Ksh.2,678,000 to Ksh.7,000,000. This is the cost of brand new Subaru Outback in Kenya of the new model versions which were released recently.

The price of brand new Subaru Outback in Kenya has a price difference due to the type of the Subaru Outback car and the symmetrical wheels.

Cost of Maintaining Subaru Outback in Kenya

Owning a car comes with maintenance as one of the things that you must do to have a good-condition car. The cost of maintaining Subaru Outback in Kenya is averagely Ksh. 278,000 per annum. This is one of the added advantages of Subaru Outback as it requires minimum maintenance cost.

Key Features of Subaru Outback

Are you still having second thoughts on whether to purchase Subaru Outback? Well, here are some of the key features of Subaru Outback that should help you come up with a decision:

  1. It is a 5 seater.
  2. Consumes 1litre of fuel per 9 to 14 KMS.
  3. 65 litres tank capacity.
  4. Engine capacity of 1-3700 cc.
  5. AWD type of drive.
  6. Has a maximum power of 165- 265 ps.

These features make Subaru Outback the best venture for you.


If you want a good car that will not end up stressing you out, go for Subaru Outback as it is the best option due to its boxer engine that makes it very powerful. You can go ahead and start your desired adventures with your head held high.

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