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The Vanguard is a Toyota brand car with luxurious features that make it even more compelling. It takes pride in its stability, transparency, and low-risk management, among others. Did you know that the Vanguard is among the most dope vehicles in Kenya?

This is a call for me to give you details that will help you join Vanguard users in the near future. Let us get started on the cost of Vanguard in Kenya.

The cost of Vanguard in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 4,000,000 for a new model that was recently released.

The price of Vanguard car in Mombasa is typically Ksh. 2,890,000 while in Nairobi it ranges from Ksh. 2,900,000 to Ksh. 3,290,000 for a brand new model.

7-Seater Toyota Vanguard

There is also a seven-seater Toyota Vanguard in Kenya, and I would like to tell you its price.

The Toyota Vanguard 7-seater price in Kenya is roughly Ksh 3,850,000. It is the most expensive due to its capacity to carry more people. It is used as a family car.

Used Vanguard Price in Kenya

Sometimes, you may not have sufficient funds to buy a brand new Vanguard. You still have the option of going for a second-hand Vanguard car. For this reason, you need to know about the used Vanguard for sale in Kenya.

Used Vanguard prices in Kenya range from as low as Ksh. 780,000 to Ksh. 2,000,000. This price is significantly different based on the condition of the car.

The Key Features of Vanguard

  1. The tank capacity is 60 litres.
  2. Engine capacity of 2500cc to 3500cc.
  3. Maximum power of 170-280 ps.
  4. Fuel consumption of 12.Km per liter.
  5. A drive type of AWD/FF.

These are some of the key features that make the Vanguard a special car.


Due to its low purchase and maintenance costs, the Toyota Vanguard is a good venture in Kenya. Besides, it is an attractive car with a unique shape, offering luxurious rides.

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