How Much it Costs to Import a Car From Japan to Kenya

If you need a car from abroad, then you have to import it. As you know, countries like Japan manufacture vehicles and make them ready for exportation. Importing a car direct from the manufacturer guarantees that you get the original product. Japan is well known for producing top-notch vehicles and that makes people want to import their vehicles from Japan.

You may be wondering and asking yourself how much it costs to import a car from Japan to Kenya. Worry no more if that is the case. This article got you covered.

Cost of Importing a Car from Japan is between 30% to 60% of the vehicle’s cost. For example, a vehicle in Japan with a retail price of Ksh. 500,000 will cost you around Ksh. 240,000 in import duty. The import duty is 25%, the excise duty is from 25% to 30% and 2% charged as import declaration fee. Also, there are also additional costs such as hiring containers among others.

The cost may however vary sometimes depending on the type of the vehicle and so on.

How Long it Take to Import a Car From Japan to Kenya

Are you trying to find out how  long does it will take you to import a car from Japan to Kenya?

It takes about 30 to 65 days on average to import a car from Japan to Kenya.

After the importation, clearing is normally done. And that brings us to the cost of clearing a car at Mombasa port.

The cost of clearing a car at Mombasa port ranges from Ksh.50,000 to Ksh.100,000.


Importing cars from well known countries like Japan is better since you will get the best quality car at a cheaper price. Whenever you want to upgrade your car, you can always sell your current car as a second hand at a very good price. Good month to import a car in Kenya is during the end of the year. At this period of time, you will be able to negotiate on discounts.

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