Cost of Yellow Fever Vaccine in Kenya | Affordable Prices

Yellow fever is one of the most deadly infections that humans may contract. Vaccination is most commonly given to young children since it provides lifelong protection. The yellow fever vaccine is not recommended for people over the age of 60 since it can cause serious complications.

Yellow fever vaccination for babies is available in Kenya. It is found in various clinics near you and is given to children starting at the age of nine months.

Have you ever wondered about the yellow fever vaccine cost in Kenya?

The cost of the yellow fever vaccine in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 4,100 to Ksh. 6,000. This cost greatly varies depending on where you are getting the vaccination.

Hospitals Offering Yellow Fever Vaccine

There are various hospitals that offer the yellow fever vaccine in Kenya. These hospitals include the following:

  1. Karen Hospital.
  2. Nairobi Hospital.
  3. Aga Khan Hospital.
  4. Kenyatta National Hospital.
  5. Nairobi Women’s Hospital.
  6. Referral Hospital.

These are some of the hospitals in Kenya where you can easily get the yellow fever vaccine.

Other Places Offering Yellow Fever Vaccine

Perhaps you want to know other yellow fever vaccine locations apart from the mentioned hospitals. These locations are:

  1. Nairobi City Council’s public health department.
  2. Ports of entry such as Airports.
  3. Public health units 
  4. Clinics in the Municipal Council’s Public Health department.

These are additional places to get yellow fever vaccine.

The yellow fever vaccine, Nairobi City Hall, has made it easier for people living in Nairobi to access the vaccine.

You may also want to know the cost of the yellow fever vaccine in Nairobi, which is roughly Ksh. 4,800.


The yellow fever vaccine is available in Kenya at affordable prices. A further benefit of yellow fever vaccine is that it protects you against yellow fever for the rest of your life. Furthermore, unlike other disorders that require multiple vaccinations, you are only vaccinated once throughout your lifetime. Vaccinate yourself against yellow fever to ensure a healthy future.

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