ECDE Teachers Salary In Kenya | New Increase

ECDE Teachers Salary In Kenya New Increase

Most parents in the current generation take their children to schools at a very young age due to the busy schedules as majority are working.

Early learning helps students complete their education systems as fast as possible. This is facilitated by the ECDE teachers.

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers teach the pre-primary level meaning those students who are still young thus in the nursery level.

These teachers are always patient and tender hearted as they are dealing with the young Children.

ECDE teachers payslips vary drastically depending on the education level, work experience, among others.

In the ECDE news today, Early Childhood Development Education teachers salaries has been increased by a higher percentage. This was announced to the public by the Teachers Service Commission.

 Latest about ECDE teacher in Kenya is the new salary scale for ECDE teachers in Kenya as displayed in the table below is in use:

ECDE Teachers Level of EducationSalary
Certificate holdersKsh.20,000
Diploma holdersKsh.28,000
Degree holdersKsh.38,000
Untrained teachersKsh.15,000
ECDE Teachers Salary In Kenya

The above Salary includes all the allowances that they benefit.

ECDE Teachers Allowances

Allowances are given to these category of teachers to cater for their expenses.Such allowance packages include:

1. Commuter allowances.

2. Hardship allowances.

3. Medical insurance allowances.

4. Housing Allowances, among others.

These allowances are on a monthly basis.

TSC-Employment of ECDE Teachers

Are ECDE teachers employed by TSC? Yes. Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has employed many ECDE teachers and they are ordered by the county government to pay them on a monthly basis.

Grading Of ECDE Teachers

New ECDE teachers grading are as follows.

ECDE teachers grading is for normal teachers who have no ranks in the Teachers Service Commission.

  • J-C1
  • K-C2
  • L-C3
  • M-C4
  • N-C5

Below is a new grading for ECDE teachers with higher ranks in the Teachers Service Commission.

  • P-D1
  • Q-D2
  • R-D3

ECDE Teachers Scheme Of Service In Kenya

ECDE teachers scheme of service became operational on 1st July 2018. On implementation, all qualified ECDE teachers joined the scheme after passing the set minimum requirements.


Early Childhood Development Education teachers have played a major role in ensuring learning takes place from starting from scratch.Due to their seen efforts, the government decided to raise their income by a high proportion as a way of congratulating them.

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