Headteachers Salary In Kenya With New Allowances

Headteachers Salary In Kenya With New Allowances

I have prepared a complete guide of headteachers salary in Kenya including the extra benefits in terms of allowances they obtain.

Every institution has the head who gives directions to their subjects to put the institution in order. Headteachers are the controllers in a primary school setting.

A teacher salary in Kenya varies depending on the hierarchy. In primary schools, Headteachers earn more than the local teacher who does not have any title.

Headteachers salary in Kenya also depends on the total number of students’ population in the school. Teacher salary in Kenya for headteachers ranges from as low as Ksh. 77,000 to as high as Ksh. 90,000.

Basically, salary of a teacher in Kenya increases with time, that is, if one is employed by the Teachers Service Commission(TSC) which ensures the wellness of teachers in the country at large. The more the years of teaching, the more one gains the experience.

Allowances Given To Teachers

Allowances are the money given to teachers to cater for their expenses.

These allowances vary from one teacher to another depending on location, educational level and the experience.

Below are some of the allowances that teachers benefit from Teachers Service Commission:

House allowances ranges from Ksh. 3,200-Ksh. 20,000 depending on the teacher’s locality.

Commuter allowances ranges between Ksh. 4,000-Ksh. 16,000 per month, it increases with high job groups of a certain teacher.

Hardship allowances is Ksh. 6,600-Ksh. 38,100 per month.

Leave allowances starts from as low as Ksh. 4,000 to as high as Ksh. 10,000 monthly.


In the final analysis, teachers really earn high salaries per month. They also benefit from various allowances such as house allowance, commuter allowance, hardship allowance, among others. An added advantage about teaching career is that schools are always closed after every term giving teachers a break. Despite schools being closed, teachers receive their monthly salary on time as usual.

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