Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Installation, repair and maintenance of central air conditioning and refrigeration is mainly done by Refrigeration and Air conditioning personnell.

The installation can be done in a residential place, commercial and industrial places as this is a basic requirement.

You may be curious to know, does refrigeration pay well? Yes, refrigeration and air conditioning is a high paying job and every month one receives an average of Ksh.150,000 including all allowances.

Besides, the salary can vary based on work experience, education level, and scope of work among others.

Marketability Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning In Kenya

Is refrigeration and air conditioning marketable in Kenya? Yes, refrigeration and air conditioning is a more marketable course in Kenya due to the upcoming industries which offers various job opportunities based on this course.

As a result, these services are highly demanded by both domestic and commercial consumers.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Companies In Kenya

Some of the popular refrigeration companies in Kenya include:

1. Refnet Air Conditioning Limited

2. Air Touch Cooling Systems Limited.

3. Skyline Ventilation, Air Construction & Cold Rooms Ltd.

4. Accent Cooling Systems Ltd.

5. Airtech Cooling Services.

6. Lean Ventures Ltd.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Course In Kenya

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning courses are offered in various institutions such as:

a. Kenya Institute Of Software Engineering.

b. Nairobi Technical Training Institute.

c. Thika Institute of Business Studies.

d. Malindi Aviation Technical Training Institute.

Refrigeration Jobs In Kenya

Available refrigeration jobs in Mombasa and other places in the country include;

1. Refrigeration Technician at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.

2. HVAC Technician at Kempinski.

3. Air-conditioning and refrigeration Technician at Bestcare Facility Services.

4. Refrigeration Technician at Star Al Swafaa Investments Agencies.

5. Refrigeration Technician at Corporate Staffing.

6. Diploma In Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Jobs

7. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician at Bestcare Facility Services.

8. HVAC Technician at Villa Rosa Kempinski.

9. Refrigeration Technician at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu.


Refrigeration and Air conditioning is the best course to pursue in the modern world due to its high demand in the large. Besides, one makes good money from this career thus stable life style.

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