Automotive Engineering Salary In Kenya | The Latest

Automotive Engineering Salary In Kenya | The Latest

Automotive Engineering is a division of engineering that is associated with designing, assembling and managing automobile. The engineers are entitled to handling safety elements and the software of electrical, mechanical and electronic nature.

Some of the automobiles they handle include; vehicles of all types, motorbikes, and bicycles among other essential machines.

You may want to know how much is an automotive engineer paid? The Salary of an Automotive Engineering in Kenya is estimated to be a minimum of Ksh. 43,000 to as high as Ksh. 273,000. That is the average engineers Salary in Kenya per month.

However, the pay may vary depending on several aspects such as; the location of the engineer, practical skills, level of experience in the field of practice, gender, level of education among others.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by automotive engineers include; house allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, and emergency allowance among others.

Automotive Technician Salary in Kenya

A qualified technician is capable of earning approximately Ksh. 158,000 on a monthly basis inclusive of allowances. 

You may be wondering is automotive engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes. Automotive engineering is highly marketable in Kenya. With the rise in the use of automobiles, the demand for automotive engineer has been on the rise. Also, the career is well paying.

Furthermore, engineers can either be employed or they may opt to open their own garages according to their capacity to run car servicing

Besides, the Kenyan government has experienced a lucrative turn around in industrial revolution. Increased assembling companies, together with improved infrastructure has have to an increase of automobile.

As a result, the government call on board for more automotive engineers, to help curb the challenges facing the transport sector.


Automotive engineering salary in Kenya is lucrative and a good course to pursue if you are looking for one. My advice to aspiring students is you can consider the course since its one of the most marketable in the employment field, with a good engineers salary in Kenya.

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