G4S Security Salary In Kenya | New

G4S Security Salary In Kenya | New

G4S offers courier service within and across the Kenyan boarders. It strictly majors on delivery time and the security of the parcels. G4S plays the following roles:

1. Eliminate Overheads.

2. Provides dedicated personnel to receive, pack and dispatch consignments from business enterprises.

3. It works internationally to support country wide logistic requirements across the boarders.

4. G4S has many employees including the security guards who ensure the safety of parcels and packages.

Are you wondering how much do security guards earn in Kenya at G4S companies? G4S security guard in Kenya earns an average of Ksh.29,800 on a monthly basis.

G4S is among the best security companies in Kenya. As a result, the company has obtained many high end contracts to offer security services that has made the company highly profitable.

Curiosity has led to arising questions such as how much does G4S make a year? Statistics shows that G4S makes an average of Ksh.1.44 Billion annually.

G4S being an international company makes a lot of money annually as the company charges varying rates depending on the customers’ use of their services.

G4S Mechanic Salary In Kenya

These mechanics have specialized in repairing and maintaining vehicles and motor vehicles used by the G4S company in transporting goods.

G4S Mechanic salary makes an average of Ksh.56,000 per month including all allowances such as transport, housing,and other benefits. This salary is not always static thus increases with time due to the work experience of a person.

G4S Supervisor Salary In Kenya

Close supervisions are done by the supervisors to ensure that the companies activities are running smoothly.

G4S Supervisor receives an average salary of Ksh.75,000 per monthly salary including all the allowances.

Security Jobs In Kenya

Security is one of the basic requirements needed in any organization to ensure the wellness and protection of the organizations assets. There are various security jobs in Kenya that you can consider applying such as:

a. Revenue Security Officer-G4S Nairobi.

b. Supervisor-Manned Security Services at G4S.

c. Security guard-Integrated Staffing and Training Limited.

d. Security Guard-Warehouse section,G4S Nairobi.

e. Area Manager-Alarm response at G4S.

f. Security Operations Centre (SOC) Operator-G4S.

g. Payroll Officer at G4S.

h. Supervisor-Manned Security (Motorbike riding at G4S)

i. Security Operations Centre(SOC) Supervisor at G4S.


G4S has brought more good to both national and international levels helping more people in transporting and security services. Also, G4S has various job opportunities thus helping countries to fight poverty.

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