KK Security Salary In Kenya | New Pay

KK Security Salary In Kenya | New Pay

KK Security Limited is an international company that deals with 15 countries in the East and Central Africa that is headquartered in Nairobi. The KK Security Company provides:

1. Canine security,

2. Facilities management,

3. Manned guarding services,

4. Cash management,

5. Global travel risk management

6. Training of clients.

Also, the security company in Kenya ensures the wellness and protection of a person from external ill forces caused by maybe robbers,murderers,among others.

KK security Ltd offers many security services at affordable charges.

So, how much does KK security pay guards? KK security salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.20,000 on a monthly basis including all the allowances .

KK security payslip varies drastically depending on the work experience of an individual. Thus, the salary is not always static as it tends to increase due to increased working experience over certain time period.

KK Security Guards Recruitment

KK security guards recruitment takes place annually in order to fill in the vacant positions that is announced by the Human Resource Management.

One must qualify in the following areas, in order to be recruited:

1. At least have a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum grade of D.

2. Have security experience such as National Youth Service training.

3. Good communication skills.

4. Have a good body physique.

5. Age brackets of 23-40 years.

6. Have no criminal records.

7. Weigh between 60-70 kgs.

KK Security Recruitment For Other Positions

These are generally all security officers not necessarily security guards.

There are vacant security jobs positions in this company that needs new employees to be recruited. Such positions include:

a. Fleet Manager at KK security.

b. Compliance and assurance manager at KK security.

c. Insurance manager at KK security.

d. Senior sales Executive at KK Security.

e. Pricing Analyst at KK Security.

f. Store supervisor at KK security.

g. Accountant at KK Security.

h. Director of risk mitigation at KK Security limited.

Apply as early as now to get a chance of working with KK security limited.


Security is always a priority to every citizen and KK security company offers the security services you need. Also, you can as well apply for jobs at this company and earn more salary per month.

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