How Can I Check My Number Plate in Kenya | Right Now

How Can I Check My Number Plate in Kenya | Right Now

Number plate is a digit identification of a specific vehicle to an individual.

In case of theft or reported missing car, you should have mastered the motor vehicle details of head. If not, then at least you should have them noted somewhere for easier retrieval of information.

To check my number plate in Kenya can be made easier when the fundamental details are with me. Here are easy steps on how can I check my number plate in Kenya?

Step 1. Access eCitizen account

Step 2. Select National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) portal

Step 3. Go to ‘Get Service Now’

Step 4. Select ‘Make Application’

Step 5. Go to ‘Vehicle registration’

Step 6. Select on ‘Search for a motor vehicle (copy of files)’

Step 7. Click ‘Apply Now’

Step 8. Enter the vehicle registration number without spacing, for instance; KBQ123A.

Step 9. Make the required payment.

Step 9. Wait for the results from the government records.

Step 10. You can download the registration information you have requested.

Number Plate Registration Details

A successful search will help you access these copy of files showing motor vehicle registration details:

1. Registered Logbook Number

2. Registered Engine Number

3. Name of the owner

4. Year of manufacture

5. Vehicle Body Type

6. Make of the vehicle

7. Engine Capacity

8. Color of the vehicle

9. Address

10. Caveat

11. Registered Chassis Number

Tracing Your Number Plate

Sometimes you may find someone else driving a car that has similar registration details as yours, or your car is missing.

Or perhaps you need to simply trace and crosscheck your car details.

So, the question is can you trace a number plate?  Yes, you can trace your number plate in Kenya by following the following procedure:

Step 1. Visit a government office that deals with motor vehicle registration.

Step 2. Explain your issue to the officer in charge concerning the motor vehicle tracking.

Step 3. Provide vital information concerning your motor vehicle.

Step 4. You will be required to pay for the service requested an affordable fee.

Step 5. You will have to submit your ownership documentation of the motor vehicle.

Step 6. You will also submit your personal information need by the officer.

Step 7. If the search is granted, the police will be involved since they have more tracking devices

Step 8. Wait patiently for results to be summoned or contacted once the vehicle is found.

A number plate is can be compared to a figure. It is not possible to find two motor vehicles owning the same number plate. That means tracing of my number plate in Kenya will never lead me to someone else’s car. Unless the digits are wrongly noted.

Other than the plate number, more information of the motor car may be needed. Such information includes;

1. Log book number

2. Engine Number No

3. Year Of Manufacture

4. Name Of Owner

5. Make of the vehicle

6. Body Type

7. Vehicle Model

8. Chassis Number

9. Address


To check my number plate in Kenya can be done faster, if the details of my car are at my fingertips. You can follow the steps provided in this article to trace a number plate in Kenya. I hope your questions have been well tackled in this article.

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