How Long Does it Take to Get TSC Number After Application

To become a qualified teacher, one must always go through training at various training institutions. They are taught and equipped with skills that will aid them in their careers in education. Teachers can receive training at a variety of institutions, depending on their level of education.

There should be proof that one is a qualified teacher. This is the TSC number, which is usually a unique digit indicating that a teacher possesses the necessary registered certificates. It is critical to obtain the number because it will lead to easy employment opportunities.

After applying, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive a TSC number. The time period varies depending on the speed with which the people in charge of processing the numbers work.

TSC Registration Status

TSC registration status verified means that all the applications have gone through successfully and that the user has been verified.

A TSC registration status reset can be done if there was an error during application. This means that the registration is made editable.

A TSC status check can be done online. All that has to be done is to provide the ID card and the TSC number. You can then log in and you are good to go.

TSC Registration Requirements

Some TSC registration requirements include:

  • National identity card.
  • Certified copies of academic and professional certificates.
  • GP69 form.
  • Bank slip.
  • Certificate of good conduct.

With these requirements, you are good to go.


Let me hope that this article has been of great importance to you. Also, let me believe that the answers provided to your questions were satisfactory to you. If you have ever thought of having a TSC number, then you should take the initiative to get it without hesitation.

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