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Teaching is one of the most well-known careers in Kenya, with numerous additional benefits. In Kenya, we have various education levels with different professionals who assist in the transmission of knowledge to students. If you are enthusiastic about teaching students, this career is best for you.

Let me show you how to apply for a diploma in primary teacher education. I’ll also include other details that will assist you in making your dreams a reality.

Application for Diploma in Primary Education

Here is the procedure on how to apply for a diploma in primary education:

  1. Log in to the KUCCPS portal for an online application for a diploma in primary education.
  2. Key in your KCSE index number.
  3. Enter the year in which you took your final KCSE exams.
  4. Use your index number or birth certificate number as your password.
  5. Make your diploma application in education by filling in the diploma application form.
  6. Make the required payments.
  7. Wait for placement that will be communicated by KUCCPS.
  8. Download and print your Teachers’ Training College Letter.

This is the simplest way to apply for the diploma in primary education.

Intake for the diploma in primary education is done on specific dates, and it is usually announced to the general public. Once the diploma in primary education intake is ongoing, you should be able to make your application before the deadline.


A Diploma in Primary Education is an excellent course for you because it requires passion and determination, which are essential ingredients for your success. Besides, it is a career that also helps to reduce the country’s unemployment rate, allowing Kenya’s economy to grow rapidly.

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