How to Become a Secondary School Teacher in Kenya (Solved!)

Being a secondary school teacher is among the best careers that one would wish to have in Kenya. Perhaps you have a passion for teaching students, in which case this career can work well for you.

Furthermore, it is a career with added advantages, such as receiving salaries even during the holidays. It also has breaks, unlike other careers where you work on a daily basis from January to December, except during your leave days.

Are you asking yourself how you can become a secondary school teacher in Kenya? I have this article for you as it is going to walk you through your dreams.

Here is the procedure for how to become a secondary school teacher in Kenya:

  1. Attain a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in an education course, more so in the subject you want to teach.
  2. Complete your school’s teacher preparation program.
  3. Do your students’ teaching internship in your subjects of specialization.
  4. Sit for a test for teacher licensure in order to have a license.
  5. Apply for the teaching license.
  6. Apply for jobs in your preferred schools.

I hope you have gotten an idea of how to be a secondary school teacher in Kenya.

Qualifications for Secondary School Teacher

You need to know the qualifications needed to be a secondary school teacher:

  1. You must attain a minimum mean grade of C+ in your KCSE in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education.
  2. Have a minimum grade of C-or credit pass in the two teaching subjects.

These are the minimum qualifications for graduates with degrees, which are also similar to the TSC requirements for technical teachers.

TSC Diploma Requirements

Let me take you through the qualifications for a diploma in secondary education. TSC diploma requirements include:

  1. A candidate must attain a minimum mean grade of C in the KCSE.
  2. Attain a minimum grade of C+ in the two teaching subjects.
  3. Have a diploma in education from a recognized institution.

These are some of the TSC requirements for secondary school teachers in Kenya that you need to meet before being employed as a secondary teacher.


Teaching is a career for many citizens as it is always in demand, thereby allowing direct job entry without tarmacking. Due to a high demand niche, teaching becomes more marketable, thus worth studying. You must meet the set requirements by the TSC in order to have a teaching job in Kenya.

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