How Long Does Swift Transfer Take in Kenya? Explained!

The world is changing, and the advancement of technology keeps improving. Banking has now been made easier by coming up with different banking services. Nowadays, transactions don’t take as long as they used to in the past. There are a lot of banking services, including mobile banking.

However, our main point of interest is swift transfer. You may want to know What is swift transfer? Well, Swift Transfer allows its users to conduct transactions all over their regions at very affordable rates. Swift also tries to conduct the given transactions over the shortest period of time so as to satisfy the clients’ needs.

It takes a period of 1 to 4 days for swift transfer to take place in Kenya. The main reason why the transfer isn’t instant is because the transaction will have to undergo a variety of checks. Some checks include fraud and money laundering. Through this, Swift allows for transparency and legitimacy.

The Swift transfer limit is Ksh. 2,159,350.

Equity Bank Swift Transfer

Equity bank swift transfer charges can be easily conducted. However, you have to link your bank account to Swift. The procedure is done by filling in some forms with the required details.

Swift transfer charges will vary depending on the amount of money being transferred. If the amount being transferred is high, then the transfer charges will definitely be higher.

KCB Swift Transfer

The swift transfer fees charged by KCB are reasonable. If you have a KCB account and want to make the transfers, you can do so without hesitation. Swift transfers can help you save money on transportation and time. All that matters is that the transaction goes smoothly.

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