How Much is a Flight From Nairobi to USA Right Now

Have you ever thought about experiencing a wonderful and comfortable journey in your life? A journey that will create memories that will never fade away come what may. If you have ever thought of that, then here is a great opportunity for you to transform your dreams into reality.

Wondering how much it will cost you to fly to USA from Nairobi? By the end of this review you will have your question answered appropriately.

A flight from Nairobi Kenya to USA costs an average of Ksh.70,000 to Ksh.112,000.

The prices vary depending on several factors. For example, the type of aircraft one is using, the location one is boarding from among other factors.

Cost of Direct Flight From Kenya to USA

The cost of direct flight from Kenya to USA is approximately Ksh.90,000. The tickets may be up to Ksh.100,000 depending on the class you are boarding.

The flight is however very comfortable and services of satisfactory are offered.

How Long Does Direct Flight Take From Kenya to USA

The direct flight takes about 15 hours to 24 hours before arriving at the given station.

There are so many flight routes from Kenya to USA. This means that a client chooses a route that will suit him or her.

Travel from Kenya to USA using any kind of craft that suits you at very affordable prices and you are guaranteed comfortability and 5 star services.

Let me hope that this review was helpful. Have a good luck on your next or first flight.

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