How Much is DSTV Dish in Kenya | DSTV Dish & Decoder Prices

Having DSTV is like having the source of all your entertainment in your house. This is because DSTV packages have many channels that suit your preference. After conducting a DSTV purchase, there is a need for you to purchase a DSTV dish. The dish will enable the capture of the television frequency of your choice.

The dish should be positioned in a place where frequencies will be trapped well. DSTV dishes now act like supporters of DSTV decoders. You may want to buy a DSTV dish, but you do not know where to start from. Well, let’s start with the cost of DSTV dish in Kenya.

The cost of a DSTV dish in Kenya typically goes for an average of Ksh. 2,500. The prices may, however, vary depending on where you are buying the dish from.

Get a DSTV dish kit today, and make your DSTV live again with new channels of news, entertainment, sports, business, animations, music, and movies. 

Cost of DSTV Dish Plus Decoder

The question of how much DSTV decoders and dishes cost in Kenya may be your concern.

The price of a DSTV dish plus decoder starts at a price of about Ksh. 4,100. 

The DSTV full kit price in Kenya will vary widely depending on a lot of factors. The prices may rise due to the cost of installation and the location where you are purchasing the product.


Now that you have information, what are you waiting for? Take the initiative of visiting dealers of DSTV products and getting a DSTV dish of your own choice. The cost of DSTV dish in Kenya is extremely affordable. Do not miss out on the good things!

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