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A plane is one of the best modes of transportation. Planes provide the necessary comfort for your enjoyment. Planes are extremely fast, so you will arrive at your destination in less time. Planes, unlike vehicles, are not affected by traffic congestion.

You may, however, have a desire to travel from Kenya to the United States but are unsure about the costs. Well, if that is it, then don’t worry. By the end of this article, you’ll have a complete understanding.

Let’s get started on the cost of flight from Kenya to USA.

The cost of flight from Kenya to USA ranges from Ksh.80,000 to Ksh.120,000 on average. The prices may vary depending on the plane one is using.

Time of Flight From Kenya to USA

It takes about 15 to 24 hours to arrive at the destination.

This given time also answers the questions of how many hours is a direct flight from Kenya to the USA as well as how many hours is a flight from Kenya to America. 

Are there flights from Kenya to the USA? Yes. There are a lot of flights from Kenya to the USA today. In fact, there has been a drop in the prices, thus making it affordable. 

Effects of Coronavirus on Flights to USA

Since the pandemic affected the world, planes were prevented from traveling to prevent the spread of the virus. For the planes that were on board, they charged higher prices and carried fewer people. 

Kenya Airways flight costs are much more affordable for anyone willing to board the plane. They may, however, vary depending on the destination.


For those on fixed budgets, it is recommended that you get cheap flights from Kenya to the USA. Here, you will be able to save some cash. There are a lot of flight routes from Kenya to the USA. The flight routes are chosen depending on the client’s preference or the plane company you are boarding from. 

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