How Much is Gold Per Gram in Kenya | 24 & 22 Carat Gold

Gold is among the most precious minerals in the world. It has a higher value that can’t be compared to some other minerals. This means that anyone with gold is considered rich and well off.

Perhaps you want to know how much gold costs per gram in Kenya.

The cost of gold per gram in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 3,900 to Ksh. 6,600. The prices vary depending on the quantity. The higher the quantity, the higher the price.

1 kg of gold price in Kenya retails at an average price of Ksh. 6,700,000. 

The price of 24 carat gold per gram in Kenya is about Ksh. 6,547 on average.

22 carat gold prices in Kenya retail at an average of Ksh.6,000 per gram. 

The gold bar price in Kenya varies depending on the quantity. For instance, a kilogram of gold bar goes at an average price of about Ksh.6,000,000. That is an average gold price in Nairobi today. 

Are you trying to find out the gold price in Kenya in rupees? Well, for a 10g you are expected to have an amount ranging from INR 3,4592. to INR 39,534. 


That was a brief summary of gold, including its prices and so on. If you have ever thought of at least owning gold as a wealth measure, then you should get it as early as now since you now have information about it.

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