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Gotv is one of the best decoders all over the continent. The Gotv decoder comes with a variety of channel packages to suit one’s needs. Gotv got more than 7 packages each with different types of content. The packages are however affordable and legitimate. With Gotv, you will be able to watch sports, news, business, kids’ shows, dramas, telenovelas, and local channels, among others.

Do you have a desire to purchase a Gotv decoder but are unsure of the cost? If that’s the case, then by the end of this article, you will have all the information.

The price of the Gotv decoder in Kenya retails at a price ranging from Ksh. 1,200 to Ksh. 2,800.

Gotv Max Price Kenya

Gotv Max is a package that has over 50 plus channels. The package is preferred because it has all the sources of entertainment.

Gotv Max price in Kenya, costs about Ksh.1,150 on average. 

Gotv decoder prices without antennas retail at an average price of about Ksh. 1,300. The prices vary depending on where you are buying it from. 


It is recommended that you get a new Gotv decoder. This will help you have a long-lasting product as compared to an already-used one. You can get the best new decoder at any decoder shop near you. 

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