How Much is Kidney Transplant in Kenya | Cost of Kidney Test

The kidney is a vital organ in the human body. It performs functions such as removing excess fluids and waste from the body, removing drug components from the body, and releasing hormones that are essential for blood pressure regulation. However, some people have some issues with kidney failure. Kidney failure can be treated by conducting a kidney transplant.

Let us get started on the cost of kidney transplants in Kenya. Do you want to know how much a kidney transplant costs in Kenya.

The price of kidney transplant in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 700,000 to Ksh. 1,500,000 on an average.

Kidney Donations

Kidney donation costs may vary depending on where it is being purchased from. For instance, with an average of KSH 12.75 million, you can get a black market kidney. The cost may vary depending on who is donating the kidney.

The first kidney transplant in Kenya was done and was very successful. This has now paved the way for several transplants. Since then, a lot of lives have been saved. 

Kidney Transplant Kenyatta Hospital

A kidney transplant at Kenyatta National Hospital is available. The transplant is normally done by experts in that given field. The experts have the responsibility of ensuring that the whole procedure goes on well without any hitches. 

Kidney Transplant Nairobi Hospital

Kidney transplants in Nairobi hospital are available. The transplant is done at a affordable price. The surgeons in the hospital normally have a duty to keep the patients’ health as a priority. 

Cost of Kidney Test

The cost of a kidney test in Kenya ranges from Ksh.2,000 to about Ksh.10,000 on average. The costs vary depending on the type of test being conducted. 


One may have one kidney not working efficiently, and the other person with well-working kidneys may decide to donate one of their kidneys to help. Kidney transplants can now be done in Kenya.

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