How Much is One Unit of Electricity in Kenya? KPLC Tariffs

The world has greatly changed since electricity was invented. You will find out that almost every activity needs electricity to run smoothly. As an example, industries, firms, factories, and even schools require electricity for their daily operations. Without electricity, only a slow rate of production is realized.

However, for one to use electricity, they require to pay for it. The money paid will help in conducting maintenance of the power supply, among other things. You may want to be in a position to know how much one unit of electricity costs in Kenya.

The price of one unit of electricity in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 5.45 to Ksh. 10.90 on average. That is how much KPLC charges for electricity per unit.

You might be interested in knowing how much one KPLC token costs. Well, in the case of less than 10 tokens, the price is Ksh.12 on average. 

The cost of 1 KWh of electricity in Kenya is currently set at 3 cents per hour. That is the average cost of electricity per KWh in Kenya. 

KPLC Tariffs and Bill Calculations

KPLC tariffs and bill calculations are done by KPLC agents. Such calculations are done to ensure that everyone gets electricity and uses it rightfully. The calculations are also done to keep a clear record. 

It is important to know how to calculate electricity bills in Kenya. This will help you have the exact figures and thus prevent the issues related to conning.


That has been a brief summary of KPLC electricity in Kenya. Since you have the relevant knowledge you were looking for, then nothing should stop you from paying for KPLC electricity today. Let me believe that this article was very helpful to you and that the responses were appropriately given. 

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