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PlayStation video games are among the most popular in the world. Due to their characteristics of fun and enjoyment, the Ps are preferred by the majority of players. However, the Ps fall into distinct categories. Even so, our primary concern is the PS4. Clearly, the PS4 was the first PS product to feature wireless controller pads. This is the most impressive element that surpasses the PS2. The console, on the other hand, is significantly more advanced and has stunning features that enhance its users’ gaming skills.

You might, however, want to know how much a PS4 costs in Kenya. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

The price of PS4 in Kenya costs between Ksh. 20,000 and Ksh. 60,000 on average. That is the price of a PlayStation 4 in Kenyan shillings.

Looking for how much is PS4 pro in Kenya? Well, on average terms, the PS4 Pro will go at a price of Ksh. 59,500. 

Second Hand PS4 Price

You may really want to own a PS4, but you don’t have enough money to get a new one. What if I told you that I had an alternative for you? You can consider getting yourself a used PS that is in good condition. Now, that brings us to the question of how much is a PS4 second hand in Kenya?

The price a used PS4 in Kenya costs an average of Ksh.20,000 depending on the seller and the condition of the product. 

For a fixed budget, you can consider getting the cheapest PS in Kenya. The cheapest PS4 price in Kenya may be as low as Ksh.20,000 depending on the seller and condition. 

PS4 Controller

The question of how much a PS4 controller costs in Kenya may be your concern. Well, you can get the controller from Ksh.2,000 to Ksh.6,000 on average. 


The PS4 price in Nairobi will vary depending on where the purchase is being made from. The prices are, however, very much affordable by anyone willing to make a purchase. Allow me to believe that all of the answers to your questions were appropriate and relevant. Also, I hope you have all of the information you need on the subject. If that’s the case, then best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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