How Much is Wild Waters Entrance Fee? Location? (Solved!)

Have you ever considered where you could go to relax and have fun with your family? Wild Waters is the most fascinating and beautiful location for such activities. It is a family amusement park in Mombasa County. The park offers a variety of games and activities to suit the preferences of its visitors.

You might be interested in visiting the location now that you know about it, but you’re not sure about the prices. Don’t worry, because this review has you covered.

The cost of the Wild Waters entrance fee ranges from Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 1,600 on average. The prices vary according to the activity.

Where is Wild Waters Located?

It is very important that you be sure with the Wild Waters Mombasa directions. This will help you arrive safely without many problems since you will have an idea of where you are going. 

Wild Waters is located along a link road in Mombasa. You can take the initiative of visiting Wild Waters Mombasa and taking photos for future memories. 

Visit Wild Waters and get Wild Waters offers that will benefit you and make you save a lot in terms of cost. 


That was just a brief summary of Wild Waters. Now that you are certain of it, nothing should prevent you from visiting the location and participating in the running activities. Now is the time to go to wild waters without hesitation and have some fun.

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